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How to Remove Ink From Granite

John Smith

Granite is a popular material used to make kitchen counter and table tops. Granite provides a beautiful and natural look to a kitchen. Granite is also more expensive than most of the materials used to make counter tops, which make it important to remove any ink stains as effectively as possible. The most important consideration when removing the ink stains is the color of the granite. The good news is ink stains on granite can be easily removed.

  1. Apply a lacquer thinner or acetone to a clean white cloth for the surface of granite that is dark in appearance. Wipe off the area of the ink stain with the cloth.

  2. Next, apply hydrogen peroxide to the surface of granite that is light in appearance. Wipe off the area with a clean, soft cloth.

  3. Mix molding plaster and pure bleach until it has a pasty appearance. Molding plaster, which is the same as Plaster-of-Paris, is an all-purpose utility plaster.

  4. Spread the mix on the stained part of the granite with a putty knife. Let the mix sit on the ink stain for half an hour. Wipe off the area with a soft cloth.

  5. Rinse off the area with water and a sponge.