How to Hang a Ball From a Garage Ceiling to Use as a Guide to Not Hit the Wall

Parking space in a garage can be tight, either due to the small size of the garage or because of stored items. You can prevent damage to your vehicle from hitting a wall or stored items by carefully controlling the location where the vehicle is parked. A common and inexpensive method is to hang an object from the ceiling which contacts the windshield when the vehicle is in the proper location.

Step 1

Park your vehicle in the desired location in your garage. Enlist an assistant to guide you in parking the vehicle in the exact location desired.

Step 2

Use an awl or icepick to poke a small hole into a tennis ball.

Step 3

Tie a stopper knot in one end of the string, and force the knot into the hole. If the knot seems likely to slip out of the hole, secure it with a small dab of epoxy or polyurethane adhesive.

Step 4

Place your ladder next to your vehicle. The ladder should be placed on the driver's side and near the front windshield.

Step 5

Hold one end of the string against the ceiling so that the tennis ball just touches the windshield of the car. Mark both the string and ceiling at the point where the two touch.

Step 6

Remove the vehicle from the garage to allow access to the ceiling above the vehicle.

Step 7

Install a nail, screw or hook in the ceiling at the location marked. If there is no ceiling joist at this location, use a hollow wall fastener. Otherwise, a screw or nail can be driven into the drywall and joist. Use a stud finder to determine if a joist is present, or just tap the ceiling and listen for the solid sound of a joist.

Step 8

Tie the string to the nail or screw. The knot should be at the point on the string previously marked.

Step 9

Drive the vehicle slowly into the garage. Stop when the tennis ball first contacts the windshield.


  • Always use caution when working on a ladder.
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