How to Straighten a Steel Plate

C.L. Rease

When a steel plate has become warped or deformed, you can use a variety of methods to straighten the steel plate. Forcibly striking the surface of the steel plate will work for lighter gauge steel plate, but has the drawback of marring the surface of the plate. To straighten a steel plate and keep the surface mar free, you will need to use a power roll and back roll the steel plate. With this method, you can remove arching, dents and bent edges easily from a steel plate.

Straighten a Steel Plate

Step 1

Place one edge of the steel plate in between the front pinch rolls of the power roller.

Step 2

Adjust the front pinching roll of the power roll to the thickness of the steel plate by depressing the button that controls the height of the lower roll until it catches the steel plate. Do not over tighten the pinch rolls, as this will distort the metal plate.

Step 3

Depress the control switch to lower the bending roll. The bending roll needs to be lower than the low pinch roll to ensure that you do not roll the steel plate.

Step 4

Press the forward roll control button of the power roll to send the steel plate through the roll.

Step 5

Lay the straight edge onto the steel plate after it has exited the power roll to check that the steel plate has straightened. If the steel plate is still deformed, remove the straight edge from the plate and proceed to Step 6.

Step 6

Place the steel plate back into the front pinch rolls and press the button to slightly raise the rear-bending roll.

Step 7

Repeat Step 4 and 5. Continue the process until the steel plate is straight. If you over roll the steel plate, flip the plate over, lower the rear-bending roll and run the steel plate back through the power roll.