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How to Hang Wall Crosses

Misty S. Bledsoe

Hanging wall crosses can add decor to most any dwelling. Most wall crosses already come with preinstalled wall hangers. If your cross or crosses do not have wall hangers already preinstalled, purchase adhesive wall hangers from your local hardware store and attach them to the crosses before hanging them. If you are hanging more than one cross, decide where on the wall and in what design you want to hang them before you start.

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  1. Rub the stud finder across the section of wall where you want to place the crosses. The indicator in the middle of the stud finder will stand straight up when it rubs up against the wood support behind the wall. Pounding a nail into a wall stud will reduce any potential damage to the drywall and add support to the weight of the crosses. You don't need to use a stud finder if you want to hang the cross directly into drywall.

  2. Hold a pencil in one hand and place one of the crosses where you want it to hang. Position the cross so that it's straight. Place a finger from your other hand as close to the center of the cross as possible. Remove the cross and mark the center of the cross on the wall with the pencil. A small dot or "x" will do.

  3. Hammer a nail into the spot you marked. For more support, angle the nail slightly downward. Leave about 1/4 of an inch sticking out from the wall. Do this for each position you've marked for your crosses.

  4. Hang the crosses on the nails by placing the wall hanger over the nails. Adjust the crosses if necessary to center or straighten them. If the crosses do not hang out from the wall evenly, remove the crosses and hammer the nails that stick out the furthest just slightly to make up for the difference. Repeat the process until they hang evenly and straight.