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How to Hang a Cross

William Garmany

The cross is a symbol of Christianity, and placement of a cross in your home is an important decision. Besides knowing where you want to place your cross, there are several designs of crosses to choose from. Once you have decided on a location in your home to hang the cross, actually hanging it is a simple and quick process you can accomplish in minutes.

Even a very plain-looking cross will have a high sentimental value.
  1. Place the stud finder against the wall you have chosen for placement of your cross. When the stud finder lights up, you have found a stud in the wall. This is the most secure place for hanging a cross. Move the stud finder left and right along the wall until you can determine the center of the stud. Mark the center with a pencil at about the height you want to hang the cross.

  2. Hammer the picture hanger into the mark on the wall. Drive the nail portion of the hanger as directly into the wall as possible. Once the picture hanger is snug against the wall, you have hammered it in far enough.

  3. Hang the cross on the picture hanger. A wall-hanging cross will come with a hanger on the back, such as a small loop or bar, for mounting the cross on the wall. Loop the cross hanger over the picture hanger. Level the cross using a level if you have one; if you do not have a level, step back from the wall and level by eye.