How to Hang a Window Shade

Window shades can add color and beauty to any room and also allow you to control the amount of natural lighting. Totally change the look and feel of any room within minutes without breaking the bank or your back. If you've never hung shades, it might seem like a complicated task; however, only a few simple steps are required.

Measuring for Window Shades

Step 1

Determine the hanging location. To mount shades inside the window frame, you'll need at least 2 to 2 1/2 inches of depth for the shade to be completely inside the frame. For shades that hang outside the frame, measure the width of the window at the outside of the frame and round down to the nearest 1/8 inch. To increase privacy and get more lighting control, add 1 to 2 inches per side to close the gap. Measure length, from top of frame to window sill, or to the point that you want the blind to hang.

Step 2

Take measurements at three points, for width and height, to ensure proper fit. Measure each corner and center for both directions, then use the largest measurement if they are not the same.

Step 3

Measure each window to be covered, even if they appear to be uniform. Use these measurements to order or purchase the shades or blinds of your choice.

Hanging Your Window Shades

Step 1

Mark the exact location where you want to hang the shade, using the mounting brackets. Use the tape measure to mark a line at the location on each side of the frame, or above the frame if mounting outside, to ensure that the brackets will be even. Place the bracket even with the line, then mark the screw holes to indicate where you will need to drill.

Step 2

Pre-drill the holes for the brackets, if mounting in brick or hard wood. If you are mounting on drywall, use wall anchors to secure the brackets.

Step 3

Attach the brackets, making sure that the appropriate side is up, to hang the shade correctly. Roller shades use one notched bracket and one round pin bracket. Follow the instructions for your type of shade for accurate hanging directions.

Step 4

Slide the shade into the brackets. For roller shades, place the pin into the bracket with the hole, then slide the bar into the slotted bracket. Check that the spring action is tight enough. If not, remove the shade, reroll and hang again until it is working properly.

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