How to Dye a Stained Carpet

Stains can mar a perfectly good, fairly new carpet. In cases of stained carpet you have a few choices: live with the stains until the carpet is wore and in need of replacement, replace the carpet prematurely or dye the carpet to hide the presence of stains. Even if your carpet has no stains and you are just looking to upgrade a carpet you are tired of looking at, you will save a good deal of money performing the dye job yourself and dyeing instead of replacing the carpet.

Step 1

Prepare the carpet and surrounding area for the dye. Remove all furniture from the room and shampoo the carpet thoroughly with a carpet shampooer. Allow the carpet to dry completely for as long as possible; test the carpet daily or every few hours for dampness.

Step 2

Protect the walls. Use painter’s tape to adhere 1-foot wide plastic strips over the base of each wall. Cover baseboards as well to prevent the dye from splattering onto the walls and baseboards and presenting a need for a new paint job in the room.

Step 3

Mix the dye according to the manufacture's directions. The carpet dye will either be a powder or liquid that requires dilution with water for application. Pour the dye solution carefully into a spray bottle; wear your gloves and old clothes at this time to prevent staining your skin and nice clothing.

Step 4

Work in patches to spray the carpet dye onto the carpet. As you spray, scrub the dye down into the carpet with the scrubbing brush. Spray each spot an even number of times to keep the carpet an even shade throughout.

Step 5

Continue working in patches to spray and scrub in the carpet dye. Work from a corner towards a door so you do not track over the dye and stain other floor surfaces or carpets. Allow the dye to dry on the carpet for several days until completely dry. Shampoo the carpet again to prevent the dye from fading onto your skin and clothes when you walk across or sit on the carpet.

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