How to Create a Mop and Broom Holder

Mops and brooms are a must in any household as they help to keep all manner of floors clean--from flagstones to hardwood and even cement. However, when not in use, they can take up room. And, in the case of brooms, having them sit on their bristles means that the bristles deform, making them less effective. The solution: Make a mop and broom holder. You'll keep your mop and broom out of the way until they're needed and extend the life of your broom.

Step 1

Buy or find a strap hinge that is 5 inches or longer. A strap hinge looks like two isosceles triangles hinged together at their bases. The strap hinge does not have to be new; you could use one you find around the house or from an old door or gate no longer in use.

Step 2

Drill or punch a hole that is slightly larger than the diameter of the broom or mop handle on one of the isosceles triangles of the strap hinge. When you do this step, use the proper eye protection.

Step 3

Hang the mop and broom holder on the wall in the place that you choose. Secure the hinge to the wall so that the point of the undrilled triangle is pointing up and the point of the triangle with the hole is pointing down.

Step 4

Insert the broom or mop into the holder so that the bristles or mop head is pointing up.

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