How to Braid an Extension Cord

An extension cord provides the ability to use electrical tools, such as an electric mower or leaf blower, when tending your lawn. Cords can be difficult to store neatly, however, with a tight coiling required to prevent your cord from sprawling throughout the tool shed, leading to tangling with other tools. Simply wrapping with loops, however, can result in you finding a knotted cord when you next go to use it. Tying your cord in a braid allows you to store the cord neatly while avoiding the annoyance of a knot.

Step 1

Hold the female end of the plug in your left hand, just below the plug.

Step 2

Grab the cord in your right hand and create a loop roughly the size of your closed fist, then hold the loop shut by gripping where the cord overlaps itself with your left hand.

Step 3

Reach through the loop and grip the cord with your right hand, and pull enough cord through to make a similarly sized loop.

Step 4

Twist the cord pulled through the initial loop 180 degrees to create a new loop.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 3 and 4, pulling the cord through each new loop formed until you reach the end of the cord.

Step 6

Plug the male end of the cord into the female end of the next cord if you will be braiding multiple cords together.

Step 7

Plug the male end of the cord into the initial female end of cord if this is the final cord being braided.

Step 8

Unplug the male and female ends to use your cord. The braid will uncoil itself naturally as you pull on it, giving you just enough cord for the job you're completing.

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