How to Store Diesel Fuel

Greg Lindberg

It's essential to store any amount of diesel fuel on your property safely. You can purchase diesel fuel at gas service stations or from a dealer. Small amounts can be stored in the same types of plastic cans in which you store gasoline. Large amounts can be stored in tanks, which vary in size from 100 to 10,000 gallons. It’s also important that you keep the tanks and storage cans in an area where children or animals can’t tamper with them.

Step 1

Purchase a fuel storage tank from your local diesel fuel supplier to store a large amount of fuel. Use a plastic portable fuel can for storing up to 5 gallons of fuel at a time.

Step 2

Store your tanks or fuel cans in an area that is safe and where no moisture can affect the tanks or cans. Install tanks safely outdoors and make sure any fuel cans you have are locked in a storage unit.

Step 3

Store your fuel cans on the floor of a storage unit and make sure the cans are away from any water, flammable liquids, or chemicals. Also, consider labeling your cans or using different colors to distinguish the different types of fuels you store, such as kerosene and gasoline.

Step 4

Keep the tanks as clean as possible if they're stored outside. Make sure not to let any water or dirt collect on the tops of the tanks. You should also keep a clean hand-pump in a storage unit for transferring the fuel.

Step 5

Store the diesel fuel for only between six months and a year to avoid any degradation. Periodic filtrations and the use of biocides can help prevent degradation.