How to Use Hay Bales for Extra Seating

Many party hosts and wedding planners face the problem of too little seating.
This is an especially big problem for outdoor events, where seating must be strategically placed rather than readily available as it is indoors. Many hosts solve this problem with folding chairs. These can be difficult to store and be expensive if you need more than a dozen or so. Hay bales make an inexpensive and surprisingly chic seating solution. If your event is on or close to a farm, you may be able to borrow hay bales for free. After the event, the hay goes back into the barn for use as feed. All you need are some colorful blankets and some creativity. .

Step 1

Set individual hay bales around as “stool” seating. Set two hay bales on top of each other and a single one in front of them to form a seat with a back. Create bench seating by setting individual hay bales right next to each other so the narrow ends touch.

Step 2

Make armchair seating by making a chair with a back. Stack two additional hay bales on either side of the seat for armrests. Create couch seating by making the seat and the back double-wide and stacking the hay bales for the arms as you did the ones for the armchair.

Step 3

Throw colorful blankets and fabric remnants over the hay bales to make them look country-chic. Look for bright, vintage quilts and neon-colored fleece remnants. Toss them over the seating and tuck them back against the bales so the fabric forms to the seat.

Step 4

Set complementary throw pillows against the backs of the seating to complete the look. Stack one or two pillows in the corner of an armchair or set one on each armless chair with a back. Bench and individual seats don’t need pillows, but you may want to put foam under the blankets.

Things You Will Need

  • Blankets
  • Fabric remnants
  • Throw pillows
  • Foam