DIY Chair Sashes

Chair sashes are a good way to liven up your chairs if you're having a party or decorating the reception area for a wedding. They can also be used for everyday home decorating. It doesn't take much time to make a chair look elegant using a sash. Any type of material can be used, and the sash can be accented with embellishments, depending on the occasion.

Decorate chairs with a chair sash that is simple to make.

Cut the material to the length that you need. It takes about 3 yards of material to decorate chairs that have a back width of 17 inches. You can use tulle, organza or satin to make the chair sashes.

Wrap the sash around the middle of the chair right around where your back would hit if you were sitting in the chair.

Bring each end around to the back of the chair to tie it.

Tie a knot. You can either leave it that way with the fabric hanging down, or you can tie a standard bow like you are tying a shoelace.

Things You Will Need

  • 3 yards tulle (for each chair)
  • 6-inch to 8-inch-wide satin or organza


  • For a different look, tie a bow to the side of the chair.

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