How to Remove Screen Window Spline

Window screen material is held in the metal window screen frame with spline, a round, rubber tubing that fills the groove around the frame, locking the screen in place. Old spline deteriorates and shrinks, causing the screen material to sag, a condition remedied by replacing old spline with new. Damaged window screens are also replaceable with new screen material in a home workshop. The first step in replacing a window screen is properly removing old spline.

Step 1

Remove the screen from the window and lay it on a flat surface.

Step 2

Examine the spline embedded in the frame groove; find the beginning of the length of spline.

Step 3

Poke the tip of a narrow straight blade screwdriver under the end of the spline and lift it up out of the groove.

Step 4

Hold the frame down and grip the end of the spline with your fingers, slowly pulling it out of the groove. Go completely around the frame until the full length of spline is out.


  • Don’t stretch the spline if your intention is to reuse it for the new screen. Stretching will cause the spline to narrow in diameter and it will not fit back into the groove snugly. Lift the spline straight out of the groove a few inches at a time without stretching.