How to Remove Crayon from Screen Doors and Windows

The sight of crayon markings on a screen door or window may cause you to panic. After all, there are many remedies for crayon removal from doors, walls and floors, but how does one remove crayon from screen doors and windows?

The following tips will help you remove wax crayon residue from these unlikely places:

How to Remove Crayon from Screen Doors and Windows

  1. Remove screens from windows and doors. Fill a pail with warm water and dish-washing liquid. Place the scrub brush inside of the pail.

  2. Take the screen window or screen door insert and bucket outside. Stand the screen window up and lean it against something sturdy. Use your garden hose to rinse the screen. Begin scrubbing excess dirt and debris from your screen window with the soapy scrub brush.

  3. Rinse away all suds with a garden hose and leave it in the sun to dry for at least one hour. At this point, you will still see the crayon mark on your screen. This is normal. Crayon removal is most successful on a clean surface.

  4. Once an hour has passed, place an extra large garbage bag on the ground. Make sure that it is flat and smooth. Place your screen flat against the garbage bag, ensuring that the ground is completely covered beneath the screen.

  5. Spray the Multi-Purpose Lubricant onto the crayon mark on your screen. You'll be amazed as the markings dissapear before your eyes. Discard of the plastic bag and leave the screen outdoors to 'air out' for about twenty minutes before inserting it back into your window or door.

  6. Warning

    Do not spray any kind of lubricant near children or pets, as fumes and vapors are hazardous. Do not leave the can of lubricant in the sun for extended periods of time, nor should you leave it near a heat source. Do not smoke, eat or drink while using an aerosol lubricant.