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How to Remove Nail Polish Off a Computer Screen

Mary Ylisela

Nail polish on a computer screen causes a stain that impairs your ability to see the entire display on the screen. Left unattended, the dried and hardened nail polish can cause lasting damage to the screen. While nail polish should be used away from the computer, a nail polish mishap can result in accidental stains.

A stained computer screen disrupts work.

Quick response with supplies that won't harm the computer monitor removes the nail polish stain and restores your screen to top condition.

  1. Blot wet nail polish off the computer screen by pressing dry paper towels against the stains. As the nail polish transfers from the screen to the paper towel, move the towel to a clean spot or use a new paper towel, altogether.

  2. Dampen a clean cloth with alcohol-based mouthwash. Wring out the cloth to remove as much of the mouthwash as possible so the cloth is merely damp.

  3. Sponge remaining nail polish stains with the mouthwash-dampened cloth. Change to a clean portion of the cloth as the nail polish is removed and continue to dab at the stains until they're completely removed.

  4. Wet another cloth with water and wring out the excess moisture to remove as much as possible. Wipe off the computer screen to remove the mouthwash. Dry the screen thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth.


Use an alcohol-based wet wipe to help remove nail polish from your computer screen. Substitute cotton swabs to clean small nail polish marks so you can direct the cleaning solutions to the source of the stain, rather than dampening the entire screen.


Avoid too much moisture on your computer screen as it can cause permanent damage to the screen. Wipe the screen off and dry immediately.

Dab, sponge or blot the nail polish on the screen to avoid spreading it. Do not use abrasive cleaners that can scratch and damage your computer screen.