How to Remove Kids' Fingerprints on an LCD TV

Wallis Bishop

As any parent can tell you, a child's fingerprints seem to spread to every surface in a household, no matter how diligent the parent is about cleaning. Unfortunately, these surfaces can include expensive ones like an LCD screen on a TV or computer.

LCD screens are fragile, so cleaning should be done carefully.

While the fingerprints probably won't damage the screen, just a few grimy prints can make it difficult to see the screen clearly. Since LCD screens are fragile, it is important to know the correct cleaning method before attempting to remove fingerprints.

  1. Make a mixture of rubbing alcohol -- also called isopropyl alcohol -- and water. This mixture should not contain more that 50% alcohol, and the concentration can be less if the fingerprints are not sticky.

  2. Turn off the TV and unplug it from its power source before you begin cleaning.

  3. Dampen a soft cloth with the alcohol and water mixture.

  4. Wipe the wet cloth gently across the screen. To completely remove particularly grimy areas, you may need to make more than one pass with the cloth.

  5. Wipe the screen with a dry, soft cloth to remove streaks. Do not plug the television back in until the screen is completely dry.

  6. Tip

    Always refer to your owner's manual for cleaning steps, as each television manufacturer may have different methods. Never spray a solution directly onto the LCD screen or use paper towels to clean the screen. Both these methods can damage the fragile screen.


    Always unplug appliances before using any liquid cleaner on them.