How to Recycle Dead Batteries

We use disposable batteries to power may different household items from cameras to remote controls, flashlights to smoke detectors. When a charge from a battery is depleted or 'dead' most people will just toss them into the trash. However, many ecologically minded consumers are looking for a more eco-friendly alternative.

Dead batteries can be easily recycled.
  1. Call the local chain stores, such as Best Buy and Home Depot, that offer to collect batteries and other electronics for recycling to see if your local store recycles.

  2. Use the Internet to find a local drop-off point if you are unaware of any recycling locations in your area. The website earth911.org is the most comprehensive resource for finding local hazardous waste drop-off locations.

  3. Enter "batteries" in the "Find recycling centers for" dialog box and your zip code or city and state in the other. The name, telephone number and address of the closest recycling centers will be displayed. Choose a location nearest to you to dispose of your dead batteries.

  4. Place batteries in a resealable plastic bag and drop off at your local recycling center.


  • Wear gloves and avoid contact with skin If any of the batteries are corroded. Wash hands immediately if exposed.

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