How to Stain a Cast Stone Fireplace

Ryan Lawrence

Cast stone fireplaces are beautiful even in their raw form. However, when stain is applied, their true potential for beauty comes alive. Unfortunately, the application process often proves messy and, many times, there is permanent collateral damage to surrounding flooring. If you plan to stain a cast stone fireplace, you need to take special precautions, or you may end up ruining adjacent surfaces.

Step 1

Cover the floor around the fireplace with plastic drop cloths. Lay heavy-duty cloth drop cloths on top of the plastic ones.

Step 2

Brush away any dust or dirt using a coarse brush.

Step 3

Apply blue painter's tape to any areas on and around the cast stone fireplace you want protected from the stain.

Step 4

Apply stain to a 1-by-1-foot section of the fireplace using the oil-based paintbrush. Wipe down the wet stain with a dry rag.

Step 5

Repeat Step 3 until the entire cast stone fireplace is covered.