How to Make 18 inch Doll Furniture

Most popular fashion dolls for girls use 18-inch doll furniture. The furniture can also work for some types of small baby dolls. Making your own 18-inch doll furniture is an artistic and cost-effective activity. The small size makes the project quick and prevents grueling detail work. Use wood blocks, paint and fabric to create a matching bed and night table for an 18-inch doll.

Step 1

Cut a 20 x 10 inch piece of quilt batting. Cut a 40 x 20 inch piece of pink fabric. Wrap the fabric around the batting like gift wrapping. Keep the fabric tight without letting the batting bunch. Glue the ends of the fabric to the batting to create a mattress for the 18-inch doll bed. Let dry.

Step 2

Cover the large and small wood blocks with an even layer of cream paint to create the doll bed and night table bases. Cover the wood beads with an even layer of pink paint. Let dry. Repeat process as needed to create a solid color.

Step 3

Place the large wood block so that it sits flat on the table like a 3-inch tall doll bed. Glue a wood bead to each bottom corner of the large block to create feet for the bed base. Glue a wood bead to each bottom corner of the small block to create feet for the night table. Let dry.

Step 4

Use craft glue to secure the fabric mattress, smooth side up, to the top of the wood bed base. Make sure the mattress lines up evenly with the 18-inch doll bed base. Let dry.

Step 5

Cut a 6 x 6 inch square of pink fabric. Use the threaded needle to sew a lace ruffle around the edges of the pink square to create an even and finished trim.

Step 6

Place the trimmed fabric over the small wood square like a tablecloth. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the top sides of the small block to pull the fabric tight around the block and secure it in place. Tie the ribbon in a small bow in the front to create a matching night table for the 18-inch doll bed.

Step 7

Place the night table next to the doll bed. Add a pink 18-inch doll blanket and pillow to the bed to finish your matching bed and night table doll furniture set.

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