How to Use Minwax Wood Putty

Minwax wood putty in an effective product to use to fill surface imperfections in solid wood and manufactured wood products, such as MDF (medium density fiberboard) and particle board furniture. Minwax wood putty is available pre-colored to match Minwax stain colors, and it can also be custom-colored to match your furniture. No sanding is required after the putty is installed, and tools and hands clean up with soap and water. It is only designed to use on minor imperfections, not as a way to fill and repair huge holes or cracks in wood surfaces.

Step 1

Wipe the surface of the wood clean with a rag and wood furniture cleaning product (not a polishing product). Allow the wood surface to dry completely.

Step 2

Remove a small amount of putty from the jar with a narrow putty knife and use the putty knife to press the putty into holes, cracks, gouges and other surface imperfections.

Step 3

Wipe excess putty away from the wood surface with a damp (not a wet) rag.


  • Minwax wood putty and minwax wood filler are very different products. Wood putty does not dry and harden. It is also not sandable or stainable after it is used to fill wood surface imperfections.
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