How to Care for Flagstone

Flagstone is traditionally used as a paving stone and for stone veneer on walls.
Take care of your flagstone wall.Take care of your flagstone wall.
Flagstone has a natural beige, tan, yellow or red color to it. Flagstone needs to be sealed to protect the stone from staining. Sealing also brings out the natural beauty of the stone. Sealers can range from natural to a high gloss. The sealer fills pores making it easier to clean and helps protect the stone from staining.

Step 1

Wipe up spills immediately, since flagstone is porous and can absorb liquids and stain.

Step 2

Seal flagstone floors since it is a porous rock; this will help keep the stone from staining. Sealers can range from natural to a high-gloss finish. The sealer will also help to enhance the natural beauty of the stone. Flagstone can fade naturally over time due to light efflorescence. The use of a sealer will help to prevent this.

Step 3

Place a floor mat at all doors, this will help keep grit and grime off the flagstone. Flagstone is soft and can be scratched easily. A solvent-penetrating sealer will help to hide scratches.

Step 4

Use a Microfiber mop to clean stone floors. Cotton mops have natural oils that attract dust. Use a neutral cleaner formulated to clean stone.

Step 5

Place clear plastic self-adhesive tabs wherever felt, cork or wood comes in contact with the flagstone. These materials can discolor the flagstone over time. Replace any metal or plastic furniture feet with nylon that will not scratch flagstone.

Things You Will Need

  • Microfiber mop
  • Untreated dust mop
  • Floor mat
  • Plastic self-adhesive tabs

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