How to Use Jet Dry in an Old Dishwasher

Jet Dry really is a modern miracle. Feel like your dishwasher isn't working at all? Still have food particles and streaks on your dishes, glassware, and silverware after washing? Well, Jet Dry is the answer...you may have always thought it was just some worthless extra, but I can assure you that if your dishwasher isn't cutting it, investing in some Jet Dry should do just the trick.

Modern dishwashers have a dispenser for liquid rinse agent built in - you just fill it when it gets low, and you're all set. However, older dishwashers do not have this kind of dispenser. In this article, I'll tell you how you can use Jet Dry with an old dishwasher.

Use Jet Dry in an Old Dishwasher
  1. First off, you may consider buying the dishwashing "tablets" that have the "Jet Dry Ball" or the detergent pellets held together by plastic that have the liquid rinse agent encased in the plastic. This is an excellent option and usually works well. I don't think it really matters what brand you buy, dishwashing detergent is dishwashing detergent.

  2. Capsules and tablets can be expensive, unless you can find them on sale. If you like to just buy the gel or powder store brand of dishwashing detergent, consider buying what's called the Jet Dry Basket. You can get a pack of 2 baskets for around $3.50. The way these work is that they contain the rinse agent in an alternate form inside of a tiny basket that clips to the top rack of your dishwasher. It dispenses evenly (think of a bar of soap inside a tiny basket) and alleviates the problem of not having a dispenser for the rinse agent.

  3. Even though these options can be expensive, consider the money that you are saving by not having to run several of your dishes through the dishwasher twice in order to get them clean. It also saves you the embarassment of having caked on food particles or hard water stains on your dishes when guests come to visit. Liquid rinse agent is a good investment, and, now there are plenty of options for those who do not have modern dishwashers!

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