How to Move a Chest Freezer

Cynthia Measom

When moving a chest freezer, it is important to prevent yourself from sustaining injury. The weight of a heavy appliance can wreak havoc on your back if you don't take the proper precautions. In addition, your floor can suffer damage if you move it without the proper equipment. While there are various ways to relocate this type of heavy appliance, one of the easiest solutions is to use a dolly. With the right tools, protective gear and a helper, you should be able to accomplish your goal without damage to yourself or your floors.

Step 1

Purchase a back brace to wear when moving the chest freezer. This will help protect your back by giving it extra support to decrease the possibility of straining it.

Step 2

Rent or borrow an appliance dolly. Some home improvement centers and moving equipment suppliers will rent this specialized type of dolly.

Step 3

Remove everything from the chest freezer including food, bins and trays. If you are moving the freezer a long distance, you will need to defrost it before moving it. If you are moving it to another location on your property, you can unplug it when you get ready to move it and then plug it back in when you get to the destination.

Step 4

Slide the freezer out from the wall, if necessary. Put on your back brace and wheel the appliance dolly up to the chest freezer. Slide the flat portion of the dolly, located at the bottom, underneath the front of the chest freezer. Securely fasten the dolly's straps to the freezer.

Step 5

Ask your helper to assist you by placing each of his hands on the top back of the freezer, about 18 inches apart, and pushing slightly on the back of the freezer toward you and the dolly while you tilt the appliance dolly back at the same time to pick up the freezer. This maneuver will require some well-orchestrated teamwork.

Step 6

Wheel the dolly by pushing forward or pulling backward to its destination, whether it be a moving truck or another location on your property.