How to Measure PVC Pipe

PVC pipe is a plastic pipe that is used in various capacities in construction, to supply water or for drainage and in some cases as electrical conduit. Having a good, tight fit between connections/fittings is the key to a leakproof pipe run. The proper measurement is where it all begins, and that starts with knowing how to measure from pipe fitting to pipe fitting to get the correct distance. Then you need to make a straight cut.

PVC 90-degree elbow fitting
  1. Identify the locations of the two fittings you wish to join together with a section of PVC pipe. The measurement required is of the distance between the fittings.

  2. Hold the end of the tape even with the ridge on one fitting and stretch it across to the other fitting. Where the tape and ridge of the remaining fitting meet is the measurement you will need. The measurement between the two ridges on each fitting will allow each end of the pipe to abut tightly with each connector and help form a leakproof seal.

  3. Record the measurement on the paper. Repeat Step 2 to make any additional measurements for other locations.


  • Avoid using a flimsy tape measure, as this could result in a sagging tape and produce an inaccurate measurement.

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