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How to Pull a Post With a Farm Jack

Louise Lawson

Farm jacks, also known as handyman jacks, are a useful tool both and off the farm. Farm jacks are very long compared to most other types of jacks as they were developed for use in lifting tall farm equipment such as tractors and combines. They are still popular for working on equipment, but can be used for a number of other tasks such as off-roading and fence work. Pulling a post with a farm jack takes a little time, but will make the task of removing stubborn posts much simpler.

A farm jack can make pulling a post easier.

Step 1

Clear any debris from around the base of the post. As you pull the post out of the ground, debris on the ground could fly up and cause injuries. Wear safety glasses and gloves at all times to protect yourself.

Step 2

Set the wooden plank on the ground near the post and place the jack on top of it. The wood will help to distribute the downward force produced by the jack and will keep it from sinking into the ground as you pull the post.

Step 3

Wrap the chain around the post, securing the chain to the post by passing one hook through a link in the chain. Pass the other hook through the hole in the bottom of the moving portion of the farm jack. Make sure the hook is secure in the hole to prevent it from slipping loose as the pole comes out of the ground.

Step 4

Hold the top of the jack in one hand to steady it, and move the handle up and down slowly to move the jack upwards. The moving portion will climb upwards with each push of the handle and the post should come easily out of the ground.