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How to Remove Wrought Iron Fencing

Cassandra Tribe

Wrought iron fencing consists of sections of fence attached to evenly spaced fence posts. The biggest difference in removal of wrought iron fencing versus wood or plastic fencing is that handling the weight of each wrought iron fence section requires care to avoid injury. Like other types of fence, each section is attached to the support posts at the top and bottom of the section with hardware. Assistance is generally needed to help to remove wrought iron fencing, as it can be difficult to manage the pieces on your own.

Remove wrought iron fence and redo the look of your landscaping.
  1. Locate the bolts attaching the wrought iron fence section to the support post. Typically there are two bolts at the top and two at the bottom of each side of the section (fences with short sections or short section heights may only have one bolt at the top and bottom on each end).

  2. Loosen the bolts attaching the fence section to the support post on each end of the section with a socket wrench. You may need to slip a short piece of steel pipe over the end of the wrench to increase your leverage to break the bolts loose.

  3. Remove the bottom bolts on each end of the fence section completely.

  4. Remove the top bolts on one end and lower the end to the ground. Have someone hold the fence section so it remains upright. Remove the top bolts from the opposite end and carry the fence section to where the sections are to be stacked and stored. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 until all the sections are removed before going on to Step 5.

  5. Break through the top soil and any grass or other plantings that may have grown around the bottom of the fence support posts with a shovel. Dig around the post four inches and dig down at least 12 inches so there is no soil surrounding the post.

  6. Rock the post back and forth by pushing and pulling on it until it is loose in the ground.

  7. Pull the post from the ground. If the post is too heavy to manually pull out, lay some boards on the ground near the welded bolt bracket (that the fence section was attached to) of the post and place the pole jack on the boards. Pump the jack up so the lifting plate on the jack pushes against the bracket. Keep pumping the jack to raise the pole from the hole. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 to remove every fence post.