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How to Move a Gazebo

Mark Burridge

A gazebo can really tie a yard together, when it's where you want it to be. With only a few steps, you can learn how to relocate your gazebo until it is exactly where you'd like it. The resulting beauty of your yard will make the effort worthwhile.

Having other people help you move your gazebo will make the process a lot easier.
  1. Rent a generic hydraulic jack from a hardware store if you don't own one.The size to use depends on the size of the gazebo; a truck jack might even work. Approach as closely as possible to the center of the base of the gazebo and jack it up. Lifting the center will distribute the weight evenly.

  2. Slide two 4x6 boards underneath the gazebo, split evenly apart with one on each side. The jack can be removed when the gazebo is stably on both boards.

  3. Drill a hole through the center of the side of each of the two boards using a drill with a 2-inch drill bit. Slide a 2-inch-thick piece of steel piping through the holes that is long enough to go through the two boards with room to spare on the ends. Attach a logging chain to the steel pipe, and attach the other end to the back of a truck. The chain should be long enough to give ample space so that the gazebo doesn't get lifted at an angle.

  4. Jack up the boards and place eight to 10 round fence posts under them. When you pull, the gazebo should roll onto the posts. Have someone consistently taking the posts from the back of the gazebo and placing them again at the front end of the gazebo, so it continues to have room to roll.