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Screen Gazebo Instructions

Shawn McClain

On those warm summer afternoons there may be nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying the day. The only downsides are the bugs, glaring sunshine and surprise thunderstorms. A screen gazebo will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry the pests and drawbacks. You can open all of the screens, creating an airy gazebo, or you can close everything up to use the gazebo like a screened-in porch.

A screen gazebo can be closed by closing the zipper.
  1. Assemble the framework for the top of the gazebo. Some gazebos will come with the top pre-assembled and you just have to stretch it out on the ground. Other gazebos will have interlocking poles and corner pieces. Arrange four-sided corner pieces in a rectangle and the three-sided corner pieces inside the rectangle. Connect poles between the corner pieces to create the rectangle and a four-sided roof. Connect four poles to the bottom of the four-sided corner pieces to raise the gazebo roof.

  2. Move the gazebo framework to the place where the screen gazebo will stand. Even though these gazebos are made to be portable, they must be secured to the ground in several places to remain stable.

  3. Place the gazebo material over the roof framework while the frame is just a few feet high. It is difficult to adjust the gazebo fabric on a fully constructed frame. Adjust the material so the seams are centered over the support poles for the roof. Don't attach the gazebo material just yet; it will be much easier to do in a few steps.

  4. Lift one corner of the gazebo while a partner lifts the opposite corner. Attach additional poles to raise the gazebo to its final height. Some gazebos feature poles that slide out and lock into position. Complete the process for the other two corners; have your partner hold the gazebo steady while you finish each corner post.

  5. Walk under the gazebo and connect the gazebo material to the roof supports. Some gazebos have Velcro straps that wrap around the poles, while others have plastic holders that snap onto the gazebo posts.

  6. Pull the guy ropes from the corners of the gazebo material and stretch them taut to the ground. If your guy ropes are not permanently connected to the material, you will have to tie to the loops on each corner of the material. Attach the guy rope to the ground using a stake. Hammer the stake into the ground at around a 45 degree angle with your hammer or mallet.

  7. Drive stakes through the holes in the feet of the vertical support posts. Hammer these stakes completely into the ground to secure the gazebo.

  8. Unzip the screen material and wrap it around the gazebo. Ensure that the zipper is placed directly between two vertical posts. While your partner holds the two ends of the screen together, walk around the gazebo and straighten the screen material until the two ends can be zipped together. Ensure that the screen goes under the lip of the fabric on top of the gazebo.

  9. Stand inside the gazebo and attach the screen material to the posts. Use the same method as the one used to connect the gazebo top to the framework.