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How Can I Remove a Bottle Lid From My Bathtub Drain?

Damon Koch

Dropping a lid into the bathtub drain and getting it stuck is a more common problem than some people may think. It can be a real challenge to get the lid out. Calling a plumber and paying a large fee for a service call can be an option that is not very desirable.

  1. Grasp the edge of the lid with needle nose pliers and pull it out of the drain. This will work in cases where the lid has a lip and fell into the drain with the lip pointing upwards.

  2. Attach a refrigerator magnet or any other type of magnet to the handle of a round wood spoon or chop stick with super glue. Stick the magnet into the drain and pull up the lid. This of course will only work on lids which are made of metal. It may also be possible to use a magnetic screwdriver to coax the lid out of the drain. But the magnet on a magnetic screwdriver may not be strong enough to hold the lid.

  3. Affix a long steel screw to the end of a magnetic screwdriver and insert it into the drain. Screw the screw into the lid several turns and lift out the lid. This method will work on either a plastic or a metal lid, but of course it will render the lid pretty much unusable.

  4. Drill into the lid in the drain using a long drill bit on an electric drill. Once the bit has drilled into the lid 1/4 inch lift the lid out with the drill. This method will render the lid unusable.

  5. Attach chewing gum to the end of the handle of wooden spoon and stick it into the drain. Fish for the lid and pull it out. This method works best on plastic lids.