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How to Clear the Drain Tube on a Roper Refrigerator

Nathan McGinty

If you sense some strange odors coming from your Roper refrigerator, one of the first things you should do is clear the drain tube. This small tube, located in the bottom of your refrigerator compartment, carries away water and moisture that sometimes collects on your refrigerator walls into a drain pan located on the underside of the refrigerator. Sometimes this tube can become clogged with food particles and mildew, so it needs to be cleared out periodically.

Clearing the drain tube on your refrigerator can get rid of odors.
  1. Unplug the refrigerator or turn off the circuit where the refrigerator is located.

  2. Locate the refrigerator drain. This will be at the bottom of your Roper Refrigerator compartment and, depending on your model, either in the bottom or located to the side. You may need to remove the lower shelf in order to be able to access the drain.

  3. Insert the tubing into the drain tube. Using this type of tubing will prevent the drain from being damaged. Continue feeding the tubing into the tube until you can feel it go through to the other end.

  4. Empty out the refrigerator drain pan. Remove the grill located at the toe kick first. This may snap out of place or be secured with hex nuts that need to be unscrewed. Pour any liquid or clogs inside into the sink.

  5. Fill a quart-sized container with warm water. Dump a cap full of bleach into the water. Insert the turkey baster into the water and draw the liquid up into the baster by squeezing the bulb at the end.

  6. Insert the end of the turkey baster into the drain. Squeeze the bulb and flush out the drain.

  7. Empty out the drain pan into the sink. Continue the process of squeezing the bleach water into the drain until the liquid in the drain pan runs out clear.

  8. Restore power to the refrigerator.