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How to Build a Pole Barn for RV Storage

Pole barns are versatile buildings. These buildings are normally constructed for agricultural uses and do everything from hold equipment to shelter farm animals from inclement weather. Increasingly, pole barns are being built as RV storage. Pole barns are popular because they are easy to build and relatively inexpensive. Pole barns are made by placing long poles into holes, adding a roof and, sometimes, covering the sides. Some pole barns have doors and windows as options. Pole barns can be constructed anyone and require more than one person to set the poles.

A large pole barn.
  1. Choose a level area 8 feet wider and 4 feet longer than your RV. Round these numbers up to the nearest 8 foot mark. Pole buildings are normally made in 8-foot sections to accommodate roof and side panels.

  2. Choose the placing of post holes. Post holes should be 8 feet apart. Dig post holes 16 inches on all sides and 3 to 4 feet deep depending on local conditions. Pole barns built in extremely cold locations require holes set deeper than the frost line.

  3. Place one pole in each hole and use the carpenter's level to check for vertical alignment. Brace the poles with 2-by-4s. Mix one bag of concrete per hole. Mix the concrete with water until it is the consistency of a thick soup. Pour concrete into each hole and allow to set for several days.

  4. Set 2-by-8 stringers securely across the top of the poles around the entire building. Fit preconstructed trusses across the stringers. Several people are needed to raise preconstructed trusses and hammer in place.

  5. Install roofing by overlapping roof pieces over the preconstructed trusses. Use roofing hardware included with the roof pieces. Install the metal roof cap across the top of the roof to allow air to vent.

  6. Install siding if desired. Siding is not required on pole barns, as the poles give the barn all of its structural integrity.

  7. Dump and smooth gravel or pour concrete for a floor. Most pole barns do not have finished floors.

  8. Install doors at one or both ends of the pole barn if desired. Doors should be installed only if siding was installed.