How to Replace Sliding Patio Door Panels

If you have a cracked or broken sliding patio door, you can save time and money by replacing only the damaged panel. Replacing your old, outdated doors can also be a good way to update the look of your home without expensive remodeling. Replacement doors are available at most home improvement stores or you can order them directly from the manufacturer's website. Have an assistant ready to help you lift up the panel if you are replacing a heavy glass door.

Replace a cracked sliding door panel.
  1. Slide the panel to the center of the door opening. Unscrew the screws along the top and bottom of the sliding door panel. This will cause the rollers to drop down from the track so you can take the door panel out. Grab both sides of the panel and pull straight up until the bottom edge comes out of the track.

  2. Insert the top of the replacement door panel into the top track. Grab the door and pull it straight up until you can push the bottom of the panel into the bottom track. Tighten the roller screws until the door fits snugly between the top and bottom tracks.

  3. Slide the door panel back and forth in the track to make sure it is aligned properly. Be sure the door does not stick or catch on the tracks. If there is a problem, adjust the roller screws until the door slides freely along the tracks.

  4. Remove fingerprints or other smudges created when you were handling the door panels, using glass cleaner.

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