How to Make a Daybed Into a Regular Bed

The difference between a daybed and a regular twin bed is simply the third rail. Most beds have a rail or board at the head and the foot. A daybed adds another rail along one long side of a bed. If you're lucky, you can simply remove this third rail or skip it during assembly. If not, you'll need to take more drastic steps to perform this conversion.

Disassemble the daybed.

Separate the parts that form the side rail of the daybed.

Remove any part that consists entirely of the sections of the side rail.

Cut side rail sections from any part of the daybed that includes sections of side rail and sections or other areas of the daybed. Use the hacksaw.

Dull the edges wherever you cut with the hacksaw, using the metal file. Always file inward toward the center so the edges bend slightly inward, reducing the chance of snagging.

Things You Will Need

  • Hacksaw
  • Metal file


  • These instructions assume a daybed made of hollow metal tubing. For other materials, the basic process remains the same, though you will need different tools.
  • Buy rubber plugs at a plumbing supply store that correspond to the diameter of the tubes you've cut. Plug the tubes, further protecting people from getting cut on the metal edges.

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