How to Make a Simple Tiki Bar

Tiki bars are a great way to lend a Pacific flair to any party or gathering. Some tiki bars are quite lavish. They can be expensive and take quite a bit of time to build. If you are pressed for time or on a budget, you can construct a cheap and simple tiki bar from an ordinary table. This is a very simple temporary tiki bar that can be set up in any location in just a few minutes.

Step 1

Choose a table or desk. Folding tables are a great choice, but you can also use a kitchen table or desk.

Step 2

Using a pair of scissors, cut open large brown paper bags. Cut along one of the side folds. When you reach the bottom of the bag, turn the scissors and cut along the bottom folds to remove the bottom portion of the bag. The number of bags you will need will depends upon the size of your table. Cut open enough bags to cover the entire table top. Use transparent tape to tape the ends of the bags together. Secure the bags to the table top by taping them to the edges of the table.

Step 3

Use a raffia grass table skirt to cover the front and sides of the table. Secure it with transparent tape. If you cannot find a raffia grass table skirt, you can make one from large brown paper bags. Cut open the bags as previously directed. Starting at the bottom of the bag, use scissors to cut 1-inch strips across the entire bag. Stop cutting 2 inches from the top of the bag. Secure the 2-inch strip at the top of the bag to the table with transparent tape. Keep cutting bags until you have enough to cover the front and sides of the table. Trim the bottom of the bags if they are too long.

Things You Will Need

  • Table
  • Scissors
  • Large brown paper bags
  • Transparent tape
  • Raffia grass table skirt


  • Decorate the table with tropical fruits such as coconuts and pineapples.
  • Cut several leis in half and tape them over the edges of the raffia grass skirt to add a festive touch.

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