How to Open House Windows

There are lots of different kinds of house windows. It may be important to consider how your house windows will open when designing a new house or creating an add-on to an existing house. In either case, the ease of opening a window and accessibility will add to or detract from its usefulness in any home. Learn how to open your house windows by classifying your window and identifying the type of opening latches or hinges it has.

Can you open this window?
  1. Classify the type of window you have by analyzing a chart of window styles or visiting a local hardware store to see what types are available. Several hinges and latches to open windows come standard with certain window types. For example, it is typical for awning windows to have a hinge at the top and open outward.

  2. Crank casement windows in a certain direction and slowly to prevent breakage.

  3. Push hinges on awning or specialty windows gently outward so that the window won't overextend past the hinge's extension point and break.

  4. On double-hung or gliding windows, slide the sashes together, rather than one at a time. Then, push the window up gently and lock the sashes into place.

  5. Be careful to avoid pushing the hinges or sashes out of position because this may break the windows and render them permanently open. Use a gentle touch when opening and closing house windows to preserve them in working condition for years.

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