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How to Wire a GE Cooktop

Mary Lougee

GE cooktops require only the countertop area for installation instead of taking up cabinet space as a stove or range. Installation of a cooktop requires basic knowledge of electrical wiring. Cooktops have three or four wires to connect to the house wiring. A red wire is the hot wire and contains the power for the appliance. The black wire is negative and completes the electrical circuit for the cooktop. A green wire is the ground wire. If there's a tan wire, it's neutral.

Step 1

Turn off the electrical breaker to the kitchen area.

Step 2

Connect the red wire from the electrical supply of the house wiring to the red wire on the cooktop. The cooktop wiring is in the rear of the cooktop underneath in a wire conduit.

Step 3

Twist the ends of the two red hot wires together and turn them clockwise. Secure the two wires together with a wire nut. Place the wire nut on the junction of the red wires by pushing it on and turn to the right while pushing.

Step 4

Connect the black neutral wire from the electrical supply of the house to the black wire of the cooktop. Use the same process and secure with a wire nut.

Step 5

Unscrew the green screw on the back of the cooktop. Slide the green ground wire from the house wiring underneath the washer under the screw. Make a crook in the wire so that it makes a good connection and screw the green screw down tightly.

Step 6

Cap off the neutral tan wire in the house wiring with a wire nut. This will prevent the end touching any other wires and shorting out the cooktop.

Step 7

Turn the electrical breaker to the kitchen area back on.