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Wiring a Cooktop & Oven Together

Jamie Lisse

If you have a cooktop and a separate wall oven to install in your kitchen, you do not have to wire the two appliances separately. Section 220.55 of the National Electric Code allows a cooktop and up to two wall ovens to be wired together on the same circuit. The advantage of wiring your cooktop and oven together is that you can easily control the power to each via a single circuit breaker.

Step 1

Go to your house’s breaker box and flip the breaker to your kitchen to disconnect power. Usually, the breaker for the stove and oven will be labeled so that you know which one to flip. If it is not labeled, you can test flipping the breakers off until you find the correct one.

Step 2

Use a screwdriver to remove the cover of the junction box. This metal box is generally found in a cabinet near the oven or cooktop area. Inside the junction box, you will find a red wire, black wire and white wire matching those wires coming out of the cooktop and oven.

Step 3

Strip 1/2-inch off the end of each wire with a pair of wire strippers. Once you have the wire ends stripped, you need to twist together the bare ends of the matching colors. Top each with a wire nut cap.

Step 4

Push the wires in the junction box and replace the cover with the screws. Once you have done this, the appliances are wired together on the same circuit and the breaker can be flipped back on.