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How to Disconnect a GE Oven Buzzer

Owen E. Richason IV

GE ovens, like other manufacturer's ovens, come equipped with a timing/temperature buzzer, which sounds an alert once a timer ticks down to zero or the desired preheating temperature is reached after being set by the user. The audible alarm buzzer can be disabled by the owner if he feels it is unnecessary. This is not a difficult task to accomplish and requires only a few common hand tools to complete.

Step 1

Unplug your GE oven from the electrical outlet to ensure no power is running to the appliance.

Step 2

Find the mounting/retaining screws holding the control panel in place on the top of the oven. There typically will be four to six screws on the control panel. Remove the screws with a screwdriver and place them in your pocket to avoid losing them.

Step 3

Pull the face off the control panel of your GE oven by lifting it up. You will not be able to pull it completely away from the top of the appliance, as wires will be connected from inside the panel to the main unit.

Step 4

Locate the buzzer on the inside of the panel, which is a small, black box made of plastic. Cut the wires running to it with diagonal pliers.

Step 5

Wrap the ends of the wires in electrical tape and replace the face of the control panel on top of the GE oven.

Step 6

Replace the mounting/retaining screws, tightening them with a screwdriver. Plug your GE oven back into the electrical outlet and use as normal thereafter.