How to Clean Hard Water Stained Glasses

Hard water stains often develop on glasses when water dries onto the glass, leaving the surface with a stained, cloudy film that diminishes the clean, clear look of the glass.

Cleaning hard water stains is easy.Cleaning hard water stains is easy.
When the stains do develop onto the glasses, you can easily get rid of the hard water stains by grabbing a few items from your cupboard. The stains will wipe away with ease.

Dip the edge of a cleaning cloth in isopropyl alcohol.

Rub the damp cloth over the hard water stains and repeat until all stains have been removed.

Dip a clean side of the cloth in water, and wipe over the glass to remove any alcohol residue.

Wipe the glass clean with a dry side of the cloth to prevent new water stains from developing.

Remove tough stains with lemon oil. Dip the edge of a cloth in the lemon oil, and rub over the water stains until removed. Wipe the area clean with a damp side of the cloth, then dry with a clean, dry side of the cloth.

Things You Will Need

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Lemon oil
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Water

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