How to Preserve Wicker

Wicker is composed of either rattan, paper fibers, cane, or reed materials woven together to create many furniture pieces. It is lightweight and easily maneuverable from room to room and indoors to outdoors. Wicker furniture is widely used in homes near the beach and tropical climates. If exposed to the elements, wicker can start to mold or develop an unpleasant smell. Proper care of this delicate furniture will keep it looking new for years.

Up close view of wicker furniture
  1. Keep wicker furniture away from harsh weather conditions. Bring it inside if it is raining as excess moisture will cause molding to occur.

  2. Wash wicker furniture with warm water and a mild detergent every few months. Allow to dry outside on a breezy day. Disregard this step if you own wicker furniture made of paper fibers.

  3. Create a mixture of bleach and water to prevent darkening of furniture. Use 1 part bleach to 3 parts water. Allow furniture to dry completely before sitting on it.

  4. Dust wicker furniture on a regular basis. Brush hard to reach areas with a toothbrush, and use the brush attachment on your vacuum to suck away dust from entire furniture piece.

  5. Use seat cushions to prevent discoloring in seating areas. Match seat cushions to decor of your home.