How to Make Two Different Color Curtains on One Panel

When you have a particular look in mind for your curtains--and can't find it in a store--consider making a pair yourself. You can easily make two differently colored curtains on one panel by joining two different colors of fabric. Not only will you have the look that you seek, but you will also have a one of a kind creation.

Design Your Curtain

Two Tone Curtains

Decide whether you want to join the two fabrics vertically or horizontally. The two-color curtain panel will hang vertically with a seam down the middle, or the two colors can be joined horizontally with the seam running across the middle of the panel. As a suggestion, the vertical line is easier on the eye and more aesthetically pleasing.

Measure the window, width and length. Add six extra inches to include the curtain sleeve, where the rod with go, and the hem at the bottom of the curtains. As a result of joining two different fabrics, you will have a full set of curtains which eliminates the need for making additional panels. Two curtain panels per window will be plenty.

Purchase the fabric. This is the fun part--selecting fabric can be addicting. Be sure to purchase enough based on your measurements. Also, make sure that you match the fabric weight to ensure a smooth joining of the two fabrics. For example, a sheer fabric would work best with another sheer fabric as opposed to a heavy cotton.

Making The Curtain Panels

Line up the two fabric panels (fabric A and fabric B will be used to represent the two different color fabrics going forward). With right sides together, line fabric A and B up at the salvage (length wise) and pin to keep the fabrics from shifting. Note: Fabric A and B should be the same length.

Sew a 5/8 inch seam from the salvage edge starting at the top and continuing length-wise to the bottom, joining the two fabrics. Repeat for the other panel curtain.

Note: When you are done you should have two new panels that have two different colors of fabric.

Prep the curtain sleeve and hem. From the top of the one panel, fold fabric and press 1/2 inch from the edge, towards the inside of the fabric. Fold again 1-1/2 inches and press and pin in place. For the hem of the same panel, fold and press 1/2 inch towards the inside of the fabric and fold again 1 inch, press and pin in place. Repeat for the other curtain panel.

Starting with the curtain sleeve, sew a 1 inch seam from the edge. Turn your focus to the hem of the same panel and sew a 1 inch seam along the bottom edge. Repeat for the other panel piece. Press seams and curtain panels with a warm iron. Your two differently colored fabric curtain panels are now ready to be hung.

Things You Will Need

  • Two different color fabrics
  • Matching Thread
  • Scissors or cutting blade and mat
  • Square ruler
  • Dress pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron


  • To save time, while at the store have the fabric cut to the exact measurements of your curtain panel. For example, if your curtain panel is 92 inches (the length of the window plus six inches) then have the clerk cut 92 inches for each panel piece. This eliminates the need to cut one long piece of fabric into two different panels for your window when you get home.


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