How to Mount Brackets for Cornices

Cornices are wood frames that fit over the top of a window. Some stand-alone cornices are painted or stained; other cornices have curtain tops attached. A cornice is held in place by brackets evenly spaced across the top of the window frame. You don't need a professional window treatment installer to install the brackets for you. With a few simple household tools and a good sturdy ladder, you can install the brackets and the cornice yourself.

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Step 1

Measure all the way across the front of the cornice from end to end with a tape measure, and write this measurement down. You need the exact distance so that you can evenly center the cornice over the window. Make a small pencil mark on the back of the cornice at the center point.

Step 2

Use the tape measure to find the center point above the window. Measure from one end of the window to the opposite end, and divide the number in half. Make a small pencil mark on the wall directly above the window.

Step 3

Insert a drill bit into the drill that is the size needed for the wall anchors. Insert the wall anchors in the drilled holes, and hold the bracket screws tightly. Anchors are usually provided with the brackets and screws, and the instructions show the size drill bit required. Purchase alligator anchors to fit the screw size when no anchors are provided.

Step 4

Hold an L bracket on the center pencil mark above the window with the bottom of the bracket directly above the window frame. Mark the screw holes with the pencil. Drill the anchor holes, and insert an anchor into each hole. Place the bracket over the holes, and insert the screws to hold the bracket in place.

Step 5

Evenly spread the remaining brackets across the window frame, and repeat step 4 to secure each bracket to the wall.

Step 6

Screw the cornice brackets to the back of the cornice using the same measurements that you used to install the wall brackets. Slide the brackets up or down to adjust the hanging height of the cornice before inserting the screws. Brackets installed close to the top of cornice make the cornice hang lower over the window. The lower the brackets are installed, the higher the cornice.

Step 7

Lift the cornice, and hook the cornice bracket over the lip of each wall bracket. Adjust the cornice by sliding it to your left or to your right to line up the center mark.

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