How to Assemble Kwikset Locks

Installing a Kwikset lock is not difficult. Exterior and interior knobs, the barrel and latch assembly, and the strike plate are all secured by screws. All the parts, with the exception of the strike plate, are connected through the door. A few household hand tools are required to assemble Kwikset locks.

Step 1

Insert the latch barrel into the hole on the latch side of the door. The barrel is a long metal tube that holds the latch, and it is all one piece. Place the flat side of the latch facing the interior of the house.

Step 2

Push the barrel all the way in until the latch plate is flat against the door edge. Insert the two latch screws in the holes and tighten them with the Philips screwdriver.

Step 3

Take hold of the exterior knob and slide the spindle through the large hole in the center of the barrel. Align the two screw barrels with the two smaller holes in the latch barrel. The spindle is a long piece of metal that will go into the interior knob, and it controls the lock. Hold the exterior knob in place.

Step 4

Slide the interior knob onto the spindle and align the screw holes with the screw barrels. There is a slot in the center of the interior barrel for the spindle to slide into. When both knobs are on correctly, they will sit flat against the door.

Step 5

Hold on to both knobs with one hand, and insert the long barrel screws through the holes on the interior knob one at a time. Getting the screws into the barrels can be difficult because you can’t see the barrel. It helps to stick the screws straight in the hole without tilting them up or down.

Step 6

Tighten each screw enough by hand to keep them from falling out, and use the screwdriver to finish tightening them.

Step 7

Install the strike plate on the doorjamb using the provided screws. The strike plate is the flat piece of metal with a hole in the center of it for the latch.

Step 8

Close the door and test the latch to make sure it is lined up with the strike plate, and will stay closed. With the door open, turn the lock on the interior knob and use the key to unlock it. Lock and close the door to test the key with the door shut to make sure the key works. It is not often that you will have to take a lock back off the door and redo its assembly.

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