How to Wash a Goose Down Pillow

The feathers on the underside of a goose are known as down. These down feathers are often used as stuffing in pillows, comforters and heavy winter coats. The feathers provide a fluffy texture while insulating very well, keeping you warm while wearing a coat or while under the covers on a chilly evening. Goose down pillows need to be washed occasionally, as hair oils, dead skin cells and other elements soil the pillows through day-to-day use.

Wash your goose down pillows occasionally.
  1. Place the pillows in the washing machine by themselves. Place about two to three pillows into the machine at a time, making sure they have plenty of room to move around during the wash cycle.

  2. Turn the machine on using a large load size and warm water cycle.

  3. Pour one capful of a mild laundry detergent into the machine. Turn on the machine, and run it through the entire cycle.

  4. Remove the pillows from the washing machine. You will notice a strong odor, which is normal with goose down and will dissipate when the pillows are dry.

  5. Place the pillows in the dryer, and turn the dryer on using a low heat setting. Remove the pillows from the dryer every 10 minutes and fluff. This allows the heat to distribute properly, and also prevents the feathers from overheating and potentially catching on fire. Repeat this process until the pillows are dried the entire way through. Avoid leaving the pillows damp, as this will cause mildew growth.

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