How Do You Clean Suede Furniture?

Just like the other items in your home, suede furniture becomes dusty and dirty over time. Suede is a type of leather that is more flexible than regular leather. Suede is a bit more difficult to clean than regular leather, however. It is necessary to clean suede properly to avoid damaging the fabric.

Suede is less durable than regular leather and requires special care when cleaning.
  1. Rub the suede furniture with a clean, dry towel. Rub briskly to raise the nap (the raised fibers typical of suede).

  2. Vacuum the suede furniture with the soft-brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. This will remove loose dirt, dust and debris.

  3. Remove stains from the suede furniture prior to general cleaning. Rub a brown pencil eraser or suede eraser over dry stains until they disappear. Treat other stains by wiping the suede with a rag dampened with white vinegar. Wipe gently with a circular motion. Allow the suede to air dry.

  4. Use a steam cleaner for general cleaning. Use the hose on the steamer and run it in one direction over the dirty suede furniture. Overlap each stroke to ensure that no part of the furniture is missed. Allow the suede to air dry once steam cleaning is complete.

  5. Restore the nap on the suede furniture by running a nap brush over the surface. Make sure the furniture is dry before restoring the nap.


  • Use as little moisture or liquid as possible when cleaning suede furniture. Excess moisture may distort or damage the suede.