How to Clean a Suede Leather Couch

Suede's soft, textured surface makes it tough to clean and maintain. Unlike regular leather, suede has no protective skin to repel spills and stains. Most cleaners can damage the suede, making the finished result even worse than the stain itself. Gently vacuum suede leather furniture and protect it with a waterproofing spray.

  1. Place a dry towel over any recent spills. Don't dab or rub the suede to avoid pushing the stain deeper. Leave the towel for five to 10 minutes to absorb any liquid.

  2. Cover any left-over stains with a thick layer of cornstarch. Let it sit overnight. According to "Good Housekeeping," cornstarch will absorb the oil and grease.

  3. Pull the couch away from the wall and remove any cushions if necessary. Vacuum the couch including the cushions, sides and back with a brush attachment. Make sure to vacuum up all of the cornstarch.

  4. Rub any previously stained surfaces with an art-gum eraser.

  5. Spray the couch and cushions evenly with suede protector and allow it to dry. Replace the cushions and move the couch back to its original position.


  • Call a leather and suede cleaning specialist for any tough stains. Sometimes home-cleaning methods can damage the suede more than the stain itself.
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