How to Paint a Shower Door

Painting your glass shower doors will add privacy to your shower as well as pizazz to a dull bathroom. This is an easy and inexpensive home décor project that you can do in one day. Only apply paint to the outside of the door. Be sure to choose a water-resistant paint or glass paint. Consult a paint store or arts and craft store for the correct type of paint. Proper preparation will give you a beautiful outcome.

Learn how to paint a shower door.
  1. Clean the outside surface of the glass shower door using glass cleaner and a sponge. If you have any mildew stains, clean them thoroughly using a mildew cleaner or bleach and water. Rinse the glass very well and let the shower door dry completely.

  2. Sand the glass shower door lightly with fine sandpaper to obtain a non-slick surface. Wipe the glass with a tack cloth.

  3. Place painter's tape over the chrome or metal surrounding the glass shower door to protect it from the paint.

  4. Apply white primer to the glass with a paint brush. Apply coats of paint until you can no longer see the glass. Follow the manufacturer's label for drying instructions.

  5. Spray the door with glass spray paint in the color of your choice. Let the paint dry and apply the spray paint again if you want a darker finish. Let the paint dry 24 hours before using the shower.


  • When using spray paint in a confined area, make sure to open all of the bathroom windows and doors, and wear a face mask with goggles.