How to Troubleshoot a Hydro Spa

Hydro spas can be used for therapy and for relaxation. Water is filtered and pumped through the system and jets distribute the water into the tub. Water quality is important and regular maintenance is required to maintain that water quality. Problems with hydro spas can often be due to poor maintenance that leads to dirty filters; failure to periodically replace the water; and incorrect water balance. You can troubleshoot problems.

Look for poor quality, non-shiny water.
  1. Look for poor quality, non-shiny water. Drain the spa if the water quality deteriorates and you haven't drained the spa within 45 days. Disconnect the spa from the power supply with the circuit breaker. Take off the access panel and connect a garden hose. Route the hose to a suitable drain and open the valve.

  2. Identify unusual water flow. Clean the filters if the water flow is poor. Remove the filter compartment cover. Grasp the handle and pull the filter out. Spray it with a garden hose.

  3. Refill the spa up to 2 inches above the level of the filters. Turn the power back on.

  4. Check the water quality for balance if you have drained the spa within 45 days and the water quality isn't shiny. The pH should be between 7.2 and 7.8. Test the water with the kit and add sodium carbonate to raise the pH and sodium bisulphate to lower it. Follow the directions on the containers for quantities.

  5. Look for algae. Shock the spa if you see algae. Use granular chlorine or bromine disinfectant in amounts larger than usual. Check the spa's manual for exact quantities. It will be based on your spa capacity.

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