How to Compare Garage Doors

A new garage door adds functionality and aesthetic value to the home. When comparing garage doors, there are a number of factors to consider beyond how you like the look of the door. Garage doors also offer security and insulation for the garage. If the structure is attached to the home, these issues are even more important to consider. Balancing the cost, look and functionality of the potential garage door choices helps find the best option for your needs.

Consider the style of the home when selecting the garage doors.
  1. Calculate how much money you want to spend on the garage door purchase. If you plan to have it installed by a professional, figure in the cost of installation with the budget.

  2. Measure the garage door opening to determine the size you need. Both single and double car garage doors come in certain standard sizes. Knowing the size you need helps narrow down the options for comparison.

  3. Consider the different door materials available. Common materials include aluminum, fiberglass, wood and steel. Steel is the most durable but generally costs more. Wood requires more maintenance but offers a natural look. Aluminum is lightweight and less expensive but is susceptible to dents. Consider the amount of maintenance, look and durability you want when selecting the material.

  4. Compare the insulation value of the different door options. Higher levels of insulation help keep the garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter while also providing some soundproofing.

  5. Look at the style options for the doors. Consider the overall style of the home and select a door with a similar style. A modern home will look strange with a country-style wood garage door. The detail work on the garage door options adds to the aesthetic value.

  6. Decide if you want windows in the garage door. Most garage doors are available with our without windows. You might also have the option of selecting the style of windows inserted into the garage door.

  7. Compare the safety features of the garage doors. Look for a door with sensors that stop the door from closing if something is in the door's path.

  8. Compare the warranties offered with each garage door option. Read the fine print so you know exactly what is or is not covered.

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