How to Add Privacy to a Chain-link Fence

A chain-link fence protects your yard from invasive animals like raccoons and dogs. However, it does not protect your family from prying eyes. If you desire more privacy in your backyard, consider installing privacy slats in your chain-link fence. The vinyl slats turn the chain-link fence into a virtual solid fence that blocks the neighbors' view of your yard. You can choose from vertical or diagonal privacy slats. The slats are quick to install and the whole project takes about an afternoon to complete.

You can add privacy to a chain-link fence.
  1. Slide a vertical privacy slat down through one column of chain-link fence loops. The slat fits in one row of links, sliding behind the top wire and in front of the bottom wire in the loop. The slat will weave itself through one row of links in the fence.

  2. Install the vertical locking strip. This is a 5-inch strip of vinyl with an angular cut end and locking tabs. Slide the strip through the top row of the chain-link fence and through the notch in the top of the first vertical privacy slat. This locks the slat in place.

  3. Install additional privacy slats in the fence by sliding them down through the columns of chain links. As you do this, slide the locking tab through the notches in the top of the privacy slats. Continue to work in this manner until the entire fence is filled with privacy slats.